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Harmon Bhasin

Harmon Bhasin / January 07, 2023

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Hello everyone,

I'm going to keep this blog post plain and simple. I recently went to a conference, EAGxBerkeley, where I received the advice that I could work on my writing skills. Well, not just me, but everyone. Writing is the way we portray our thoughts, and therefore something we should strive to perfect!

I had been wanting an excuse to update my personal website so I went ahead and did it. I actually pulled a lot of this website from Lee Robinson as you could probably tell. However, this is only the beginning. Overtime, I will update this website so that it more closely resembles me, and my personality.

Back to the writing, I've decided that I'm going to become a writer! A computer scientist wants to become a writer, this man must be out of his mind, is what you're probably thinking. I've actually found that the majority of my favorite authors didn't even want to become authors. They stumbled upon writing for a profession, and now it has become their entire life. I'm by no means saying that I want to change paths, I just want to experience some of the novel insights that you gain through writing.

I've learned a lot of about different facets of life throughout my years, and I hope that I can share a few nugs with you through my writing. I've decided upon two vessles through which I will share my writing:

  1. Newsletter (Weekly): Short format where I talk about things I've been pondering or looking into that week.
  2. Blog (Bi-Weekly): Long format where I speak on my experience about certain subjects (productivity systems, health, machine learning) or mental models.

Feel free to recommend names for my newsletter below. I'll start sending those out Jan 15th. As for my blog, my first blog post will talk about my views on being a Jack of All Trades. This will also release on the same day.

To end it off, I want to make sure to preface that I do not believe I'm an expert in any of the fields that I talk about. Rather, I think I might be able to provide a unique perspective on common issues or subjects. I'm always trying to learn, and you should be too! So join me in this journey of growth, and hopefully we'll learn a thing or to from each other.

As they say in german, auf wiedersehn (till we meet again)!